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Customer Reviews

St Andrews Golf Travel

Customer Reviews

Scott Weeks October 2022

After almost three years, we finally made it and Graeme delivered as advertised. Just an amazing experience for all of us and a true bucket list accomplishment. Will never forget it. Thanks St Andrews Golf Travel and special thanks to Graeme for taking care of us! Well done!

Guy LeClair October 2022

We had a group of 4 golfers from PEI, Canada that waited 3 years to get to St Andrews due to Covid. This group exceeded our expectations in many ways, form the time we stepped off the plane and were greeted by Ewan (driver) and someone i can now call a friend to Claire greeting us at the house with a gracious smile and Angus for his local expertise on golf, shopping, restaurants and pubs. St Andrews Golf Travel truly made our trip well worth it. Thanks to Marc and Graeme for all the re bookings, off the wall accommodation requests and crazy questions. These guys leave nothing unturned.

Christie Austin September 2022

Just returned from a magical golf trip to St. Andrews, Scotland. After 2 years of Covid related cancellations, Graeme managed to arrange an incredible array of golf for the 8 of us, including a last minute booking of 2 helicopters to transport us to Muirfield! Everything went smooth as silk, with Graeme and Ewan serving as our drivers and tour guides through the week. Thank you both for making our trip so effortless, it was perfect! We especially want to thank you for arranging glorious and dry weather the entire time. If you haven’t used St. Andrews Golf Travel to assist you with your trip you NEED to!! They’re experts in everything Scotland and Ireland and have now expanded to Australia and New Zealand.

Sherry Schafer September 2022

We began planning our Ireland golf trip with Marc at St. Andrews Golf in 2019 .... he expertly navigated us through the required cancellations. We have just returned from our 10 days and were so happy with all arrangements and planning. Our driver was with us throughout and made the transfers so easy while noting so many landmarks and history of the beautiful countryside. We will look forward to our next opportunity to use St Andrews Golf Travel and will wholeheartedly recommend.

Mark Marchetti September 2022

I can’t emphasize enough how much I enjoyed, without exaggeration, the golf trip of a lifetime! The professionalism exhibited by Marc and Graeme, along with their attention to detail, and excellent customer service, was totally first class. Two great guys, accomplished golfers, who get it! If you’re considering a trip to the home of golf, I highly recommend St. Andrews Golf Travel!!

Chris King September 2022

Graeme and his team put together a trip that was 100% successful, right down to the weather-no rain during golf for 6 days. Ewan shared great stories while driving us to world class golf, and the prearranged dinners were all very good. Personal attention from the team with good recommendations for our non golf days made the trip a total joy.

Craig McQuillen September 2022

We’ve just completed a visit to St Andrews arranged by Graeme over 3 years ago and delayed by Covid. Graeme could not have been easier to deal with in the time prior to our trip and on the ground, both he and Ewan our other driver were professional, Friendly, Helpful and a great deal of fun. No stone was left unturned, our accommodation at The Fairmont was 1st class, the courses we played were tremendous & Graeme even helped a few of our party secure both Old Course times through the Ballot & a tee time at Prestwick post our official time with them. I couldn’t recommend their business highly enough, they knew all the little things that a self arranged trip may miss and never know! Thanks guys!

Mitchell Song September 2022

Graeme helped my group for almost three years due to the delay caused by Covid-19. He was very responsive and helpful throughout. The experience at St. Andrews was exceptional, which would not have been possible without his assistance. I will be his unofficial salesman in Korea

Robert Niehaus September 2022

Marc and Graeme did a superb job in organizing and executing on our recent 8 man golf trip to Scotland. The hotel accommodations at the Old Course Hotel and the Links House in Dornoch were quite good, and Marc and Graeme are well known at the top Scottish golf courses, and ensured that we had terrific caddies. They arranged an extra morning round for several of our players on short notice, and also arranged a golf cart at the last minute for one of our players who developed a medical issue during the trip.They are both quite professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to be around. We will be using them for our next golf trip to Scotland and highly recommend them to others.

Michael Martin September 2022

Words can not describe how amazing this trip was. Graeme and the rest of the team took what would have been a good trip and made it fantastic! Graeme's attention to every detail of golf, transportation, dinner reservations and their insights to get the most out of the experience is what made the difference. 100% spot-on on every aspect of this trip. I can't wait to go back and wouldn't think of going without Graeme there to lead us the way. BRAVO guys, BRAVO! (insert golf clap here).